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   Son of veteran singer/actor Malaysia Vasudevan, 22nd year old Yugendran is a young, good looking and talented musician who is trained in Classical Music under the Mridangam Vidwan T.V.Gopalakrishnan. Since the age of 5 when he first stood on stage and sang "Daddy Daddy" alongside his father, it was inevitable that he would become a singer. Not for him was, engineering or medicine. He grew up among an incredible number of cousins.

   His mother has nine sisters and two brothers while his father has nine brothers and two sisters. Quite an amazing family. Sangeetha the 

popular film actress is one of his cousins from his mothers side while Ravi Bharathi is another up and coming actor in the family. When the cousins meet, the neighbours complain about the endless rounds of noisy "Antakshari" that they used to play late into the night. His sister Pavithra is shortly making her film debut.

   His father who has gone through the hard grind of establishing his place in Chennai earlier made him learn to play the keyboards. That awakened his latent skill for composing. His musical education under T.V.G. exposed him to rhythm, without which no contemporary musician can hope to survive.


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