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I spent most of my childhood in Madras and after I passed out of St. John's School, I enrolled myself at Briarcliff at Westchester in New York. I was rooming with friends in the U.S. and spent nearly eight years there. From school, I went on to Pace University at Westchester commuting often to the main campus in Manhattan. Life in the U.S. was very exciting and I did a lot of things and developed a taste in things which I wouldn't have, if I had stayed on in India. Witnessed an abiding interest in Baseball, Basketball and a taste for Pizzas. My only connections with India were through films and film music. I watched a lot of Tamil films but I stayed away from Hindi as I felt them to be even more corny than the ones in Tamil. I could be biased, but what the hell! I particularly liked American movies and Pacino, DeNiro and Hoffman are some of my favourite actors. Musically America is amazing in its variety - Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country and of course, Pop. It's nothing like India.

Some of his songs are "deepangal pesum"(devathai), "kaathal sadugudu"(alaipaayuthe).


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