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Mano burst into the TFM scene with 'shenbagmE shenbagamE' in 'enga ooru paattukkaaran'. When the hgihly succesful 'vElaikkaran' followed that, Mano became the second most sought after singer in the industry. But for a long time he was treated no more than a very successful SPB clone, thought when he wanted to he could sing with a very distinctive voice of his own (e.g. shenbagamE, vElai illaathavan thaan, vizhiyil puthu kavidhai padithEn etc.). For a while, which was his most successful period of this phase, he was considered the voice of Rajinikanth. With the phenomenal success of 'mukkaala' in kadhalan and songs from 'uLLAththai aLLi thaa' he has now come again into the lime light and is undoubetly one of the most successful singers presently. He has established himself as a signer who could sing in all kinds of wierd voices and carry it off.


Tamil Films/Songs

  • song 1 (film 1)
  • film 2

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