Stupidity of Brahmin Bashing

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Who promoted Brahminism in Tamil Nadu ? The Brahmins or the high non-Brahmin castes (vellalars/pillais/chettiars) ? The Brahmins have never had the muscle to establsih their penultimate position in Tamil society. Do you really think that in feudal days, a Brahmin would have the nerve to cross a Vellalar ? Who was the real muscle behind caste law enforcement ? It was the high caste non-Brahmin communities. If the Brahmins have occupied the highest position in Tamil society, it is because it had benefited us to have them there in our past (by scaring Dalits into submission and legitimating our rule). Let's stop this selfish, pointless baiting and aknowledge our roles in perpetuating the caste system (a system that afforded our communities benefits at the expense of others).
In my experience here, I have noticed that the most active members of US based NGOs serving the poor in India are South Indian Brahmins. I have rarely seen members of my own community helping out in any way. As in any caste, there are those insecure individuals who cling to the privilges afforded their "race". Let's not condemn the lot because of the few.


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