IITs and Brahmins

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We all know that IIT(Indian Institute of Technology) stands top in the indian engineering education. We also know that most of the guys(more than 80%) who get admission in IITs are brahmins. Infact it is called Iyer Inst. of Technology. And so every brahmin thinks they are brainy. But actually they cheated all indians. And they have used public money to get education and go abroad and forget even his parents. You may ask even non-bramins do the same thing. But they improve their family. Most of the non-bramins are/were poor. Helping you and your family is the great service to nation. For every B.Tech student till he completes his degree govt. of india spends more than 15 lakhs for his education. And after our Iyer completes his degree he thinks india/indian govt. companies are below standard for him to work. There are so many villages without even a school. Now after IT revolution it is required to go abroad for work or for better education. Which will help india. But my question is before 10 years back IIT educated Iyers just cheated india and eaten indian money. b astards!!. All bramins should be done compulsory vasectomy!.


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