Nanju Puram

Thread started by Raghav_Preetha on 16th March 2011 01:23 AM

Hi Mayyam folks,
This is actor Raaghav... Pls don't think I'm spamming you folks... I used to be active here at some time and I still keep checking the discussions every once in a while... So, in a way, I consider this a part of my extended family

The film "Nanju Puram", my first home production (produced by my wife Preetha), in which I've acted as the HERO and for which I'm also the MUSIC DIRECTOR is getting ready for its Audio Launch on 17th March 2011, Thursday, 9 am, at Sathyam Theatre (Chennai)... I wanted to share this good news with all my friends here... If there is anybody here who would like to attend the function, pls feel free to come. I would be really glad to see u there... Looking for all your support and wishes... This movie is a BIG STEP for me... It is an effort to create a platform for myself in a field which I entered as a complete outsider

Pls do listen to the music of Nanju Puram once its released and I'd be anxiously reading anything/everything that all of you have to say.

Take care,



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