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Best All rounder in Tamil Cinema

Topic started by MADDY on Sun Dec 24 9:20:17 2006.

Hi all,

we will discuss abt the best all rounders in tamil cinema......people who have excelled in more than 1 dept in cinema.....

MKThyagaraja Baagavadhar - i dont much abt this guy, but i have heard that he can sing,act etc i have added him in the list.....

Chandra Babu - this guy is good actor,good comedian and a pretty decent singer and an interesting dancer too.....

T.Rajendar - what this guy cannot do in cinema - maybe act as the heroine as well..... Laughing of the rare multi talented persons in the industry..... Cool

KamalHassan - legendary actor, good singer, and a pretty intense director.......he has knowledge on all depts in the cinema- many claim....he has supposedly modified the tune of telephone manipol(indian) song as well..... Cool

Bhagyaraj - actor, director, screenplay writer, comedian.......Amitabh once called him the best script writer in India..... Cool

Ilayaraja - legend of a musician, lyricist, linguist, director (to be soon, btw what happened to that??).....he is also a decent photographer as some of our fellow hubbers claim......

S.J.Suryah - Actor, Director, Dialogue writer, Screenplay writer, comedian.......this guy's passion for cinema is unmatchable.....

so start posting folks......please, try not to bash anyone..... Laughing

Who is the best all rounder?
MKT [ 0 ]
Chandra Babu [ 1 ]
T.Rajendar [ 10 ]
KamalHassan [ 27 ]
Bhagyaraj [ 1 ]
Ilayaraja [ 1 ]
S.J.Suryah [ 2 ]

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