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International People - How do they relate to Tamil Movies?

Topic started by leosimha on Tue Dec 12 5:25:51 2006.

Promoting France as a filming destination

Susan Muthalaly

Franck Priot meets Tamil film producers

SELLING FILM LOCALES: Franck Priot, Deputy Director of Film France, was in India to talk to Indian producers about filming in France. Photo: R. Ragu

CHENNAI: France has the Indian film industry all figured out.

They know that every director worth his curry can't resist a picturesque lake by the mountains. And, if those mountains in the background are capped with snow, even better!

Co-production treaty

That's why Franck Priot, Deputy Director of Film France, France's national film commission, found himself talking to the film industry gathered in Goa for the International Film Festival of India, 2006.

His mission was to promote France as a filming destination to Indian producers, and remind people about the co-production treaty signed in 1985 between the two countries.

Under this, films that will be considered French in France and Indian in India will be produced, said Mr. Priot.

The last such co-production was `One Dollar Curry', a low profile release in both countries.

He said he hopes that in future, there will be more mainstream, big budget films.

Mr. Priot was in Chennai to talk to some Tamil film producers about shooting in France.

He expressed amazement at the star status Tamil film stars enjoy, and how their presence alone in a film was enough to draw an audience. "They are icons. Ajith is like the Eiffel Tower," he exclaimed at one point, and expressed an eagerness to meet `Chiyaan' Vikram.

"In Paris, there's a lot of interest in Hindi movies. This even though most Indians there are Tamilians. They have not yet discovered Tamil films," he said.

Strange, he observed, since Tamil films are a lot easier for the French people to relate to.

"Tamil films span so many genres: there is romance, comedy, song and dance and also action," he said.

Vikram starrer `Dhool' is an interesting mix of commentary on corruption and politics; it has situation comedy, and follows the scheme of a buddy movie (with the female lead).

"And, it all happens against a reality-based background. It is so much closer to French movies than Hindi films," he said.

He added that he enjoyed the interaction with Tamil filmmakers, as they are very comfortable with the idea of shooting abroad and that of all of us being part of one world.

Role of Film France

He explained the role of the French film commission. "Films are not seen as products. They are considered art. The 37 commission representatives across the country serve as free location managers," said Mr. Priot.

They also give filmmakers an orientation course in the French way and help with the visa process, all for free.

The website has `The Sangam Zone' especially for Indian producers.

It gives one France at a glance, snow-capped French Alps, white beaches and all.

It even suggests locations for a song sequence `Romance in the bay of the Somme', `A French island in the Indian Ocean', and `The heart of Paris'.

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