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Tamannaah - The Young Cleopatra Of The South!

Topic started by Surya on Tue Nov 28 22:04:43 2006.

Trisha? Who? Huh?!

Asin? What's an Asin? Confused

Sada? Poda Sodha! Mad

It's time for everyone to step aside, because here comes......Tamannaa...Cool

Tamanna (Tammy) was in movies like KD.

Her acting isn't atrocious, and OMG OMG now...

SHE is Da Godess!! Cool

Check It Out: (I know what ur thinking...Don't worry..I've already sent out a team of Hitmen to Torture this guy to death. Cool )

On A Sexier Note: Razz Razz

Smoke Smirk

This thread is dedicated to the New Godess in Town! Thamanna...Cool

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