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Here is the new thread for Velayutham and Other Vijay Upcoming Projects.... please use this thread to discuss and update information related to Velayutham.

Velayudham (Tamil: வேலாயுதம்) is a forthcoming Tamil film directed by M. Raja with Vijay, Genelia D'Souza, and Hansika Motwani playing the lead roles, while Saranya Mohan, Pasupathy, Santhanam, and Sathyan portray supporting roles. The film was formally launched on July 15, 2010 with its photo shoots taken earlier during the month.[1][2] Produced by Venu Ravichandran's Aascar Films, the film is currently in its filming stage and expected to release by mid-2011.


Genelia D'Souza
Hansika Motwani
Saranya Mohan

Directed by: M. Raja
Produced by: Venu Ravichandran
Written by: M. Raja

Music by: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Priyan
Studio: Aascar Films
Distributed by: Aascar Films
Country: India
Language: Tamil

Official Stills So Far (If I Missed Any Please Let Me Know)

HTML Code:
(Velayutham The Deadly Look)

HTML Code:
[img]http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/albums/userpics/10005/normal_Velayutham%20HQ%209.jpg [/img] 
(Velayutham on top of city)

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[img]http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/albums/userpics/10005/normal_Velayutham%20HQ%208.jpg [/img] 
(Velayutham Jumping in air with sword)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%207.jpg (Vijay with grandmas)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%206.jpg (Vijay Holding Genelia high in the air romantic)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%205.jpg ( Vijay and jamuku jamuku jamuku hansika)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%204.jpg (Vijay on motor bike with the village girls)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%203.jpg (Vijay with reporter genelia)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...m%20HQ%202.jpg (Velayutham the deadly warrior)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...0%20HQ%201.jpg (Aascar's boy)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2012.jpg ( The Deadly Prince Again)


http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2011.jpg (Aascar's boy 2)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...20Scan%202.jpg (Vijay with the village girls)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...ham%20Scan.jpg (Vijay romancing beauty genelia)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...20Scan%203.jpg (genelia kissing vijay on cheek)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2015.jpg (aascar's boy again with no background)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2014.jpg (Vijay in red shirt)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2013.jpg (red shirt 2)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...5%20%21%21.jpg (Village belle hansika with vijay)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...HQ%2016%21.jpg (Romantic vijay with gene)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2017.jpg (Vijay the villager)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...yutham%202.jpg (vijay looking a lil excited with hansika)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...yutham%201.jpg (Velayutham the villu style)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...%20HQ%2018.jpg (Velayutham the villager 2)

http://ovfgallery.com/coppermine/alb...HQ%2019%21.jpg (red shirt pose)

(fan made wallpaper--- temple style)