Orr Eravuu .... a "docu-fiction-horror" !!!

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முற்றிலும் வியு பாய்ன்ட்(View-Point) கோணதில் உருவாக்கப்பட்ட ஹை டெபனிஷன்(Hi-Def) திரைப்படம்

ஒர் இரவு

மற்றும் ஒரு மசாலா அல்லாது... ஒரு புதிய திகில் பயணம் ....

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“Or Iravu” talks seemingly outside normal sensory channels, termed as Paranormal - something believed to have no accordance with scientific laws. Spirits n ghosts are believed to have a close kinship with Night. Based on this concept "Or Iravu" has been penned with a completely new dimension by Shankar Bros.

There has not been much of concrete evidence existing today to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits. Nakulan Ponnusamy, a paranormal investigator, goes in search of such evidence. Believed to be haunted, the unoccupied house of a leading Industrialist in Munnar was chosen to be a subject of study by Nakulan. After a complete night’s stay for his primal investigations, Nakulan was found dead under mysterious circumstances. The mystical death being investigated by Daisy, a TV reporter forms the rest of the story. The public belief on spirits n ghosts have been analyzed in the film. Following movies like Cloverfield, Blair Witch project – "Or Iravu" adopts the footsteps of seeing n speaking through character’s viewpoint. This makes the viewer to become the character himself and experience wat all the character has gone through.

Without using - what is called usual elements such as daggers, blood, gory faces, computer graphics, hero, heroine, songs, fights, double meaning dialogues, "Or Iravu" still makes the chillness run through your spines. Its one of its kind without the usual cinema formula - making you watch

The crew of the film, have done their home work. They have involved in the study of paranormal activities, been working on field with EVP, EMF meters, micro cassette recorder and much more scientific instruments. Also they involved at night shoots in the locations which were broadly believed to be haunted.

Artistic hand of Satish G has handled the camera for this venture, while editing has been managed by Harishankar. Story, screenplay and direction have been cared by Harishankar, Hareesh Narayan and Krishna Sekher. For the first time in the industry, a movie direction has been handled by three.

With initial sequences captured in the silent n attractive Munnar, currently the movie is all set to Release on June 11, 2010

there is a thin line between us and paranormal .... dare to cross it on June 11 .....



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