All time TOP TEN Great tamizh movies - 1947 to 2010

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IMO other kamal haasan films such as nayagan, mahanadhi and hey ram deserved more marks than 16 vayathinilae
Strongly disagree!

16v aLavukku maRRathula either orinigalityO or nativityO irukkAdhu! You can say technically a little bit week but no other KH film has touched the heart of majority in TN. (I'm from the group that unless a film satifies majority, it could max be called good but never great. Disclaimer - the corollary is NOT TRUE!
what originality/nativity was missed in mahanadhi?

nativityna village movies mattum than nativitiya?

Standing the test of time is one important factor for a movie to be called as a GREAT movie - I dont think 16 V stands above moives like Mahanadhi in that aspect..even today - "amma naan pass ayiyen"..that veterenary doctor .. "climax barathiraja voice" looks funny...which is not the case with Mahanadhi/thevar magan/mmkr types(later part of kamal career)
I took the above post by Vivs from thalaivar thread as reference and starting this thread... let us list the movies, those standing the test of time
Come on guys


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