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Renigunta Movie Preview

Starring: Johnny, Sanusha, Nishanth, Sandeep.
Direction: Panneerselvam
Music:Ganesh Ragavedran
Production: Mahendra Kumar Jain

Five youngsters have lost their way in life and have landed up in juvenile jail. The only thing that they want to do is escape to Mumbai. But, they lose their way here too, ending up in Renigunta before making it to their destination. Here, they face many a problem and that is what the movie is all about.

Renigunta conveys a very pertinent message. The director says that young minds are like saplings which need to be tended carefully; weeds removed from its surroundings and watched over constantly. Plants that are not given such care never tend to bear fruit. Children too need the same care. Else, they get embroiled in bad company and lose their way in life. Renigunta, explores the mind of youngsters who have faced such experiences in their lives. Many of the crimes that we come across are committed by young men, around 20 years of age. How do seeds of violence and crime get sowed in their mind? The movie looks into their psychology and shows that besides crime and violence, there are also dreams that are never realized, unrequited love, faithful friendship and many more good things. The film is based on many real life incidents that the director has come across in his native place.

Renigunta consists mostly of newcomers, but the director claims that they have given very matured performances. Johnny, son of producer Chakravarthy of the Nic Arts banner, makes his debut in the lead. The film has been shot with four different cameras including Super 35. The film, even though based on real incidents, has enough commercial elements to keep everyone happy. The climax is sure to stay in the audiences’ minds long after they have left the theater. Renigunta is directed by Paneerselvam, a former assistant of Lingusaamy.


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