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Topic started by Surya on Wed Sep 6 20:24:00 2006.

SEEMS INTERESTING GUYS....supposedly it's a bold recap of the Rajiv Gandhi Assasination. The movie has been released, and this is the review.

Cast: Malavika, Ravi Kale, Rangayana Raghu, Thara

Direction: Ramesh

REVIEW - Indiaglitz

Cyanide - A bold attempt
IndiaGlitz [Monday, August 28, 2006]

Taking a sensitive incident from real-life and making it a movie is no easy task. But all credit to director Ramesh, who has given his best try in Cynaide, which revolved around two prime suspects (Sivarasan and Subha) in the former Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.

Cyanide is an attempt at authentically capturing the human drama that ensued in the last 20 days in the lives of the LTTE assassins. While the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to nab the suspects were on the prowl, the fugitives traveled across south India before they finally reached Bangalore, hiding in a tanker otherwise meant to carry chemicals. And their 20-day stay in Bangalore concluded with two found dead consuming cyanide following their hideout being surrounded by the SIT.

A dubbed version of the Kannada film titled the same, the movie features Marathi actor Ravi Kale, actress Malavika, National award winning actress Tara and Nasser.

Interestingly all the characters have been given the real names. Malavika plays Subha, while Ravi Kale dons the role of Sivarasan. A popular face in small screen, Malavika, hogs all limelight playing the tough role with panache. She has got her body language right. Equally commendable is Tara's work.

The movie narrates a sequence of events that the two underwent in their last few days trying desperate to save themselves from the SIT. Fear, determination and a sense of panic are all brought out well by the lead characters. Equally supportive are Sandeep Chowta's brisk re-recording and Rathnavelu's cinematography. Especially the latter's commendable job behind the lens gives the movie a major filip.

Due credit should be given to director Ramesh for taking such a risky story but giving enough thought and giving it a shape. The director seems to have done an intense research and it is strongly reflected in the movie.

A realistic and bold attempt, which deserves a watch.

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