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Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi

Topic started by japsivakumar on Tue Jul 18 10:45:22 2006.

A thread for Vadivelu??!! Worth??!!... If the Producer of 'Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi' could invest his money on Vadivelu, this thread is worth too.
My first Hats off certainly goes to the Producer (only after the movie was over I came to know its Director Shankar). One of the things that took my attention was the sets, very good sets, and the Eastman color like cinematography, which made me think about the seriousness of the movie. He should have had confidence on Vadivelu and the screen play to invest in this movie. Movie directed by Chimbudevan (anybody knows him?). They have given a good movie with Vadivelu. A very good blend of everything.. Comedy, message to public, screen play taken care not to slag too much, songs, fight (a lengthy one)..everything they have done it with Vadivelu and given a good output ( I don't see the box office collection to rate a movie). I want to listen to the interview of the director or the Producer.. what was the intention of this movie… I expected a low budget comedy movie with Vadivelu. But it turned out to be a quiet serious screen play. Though nothing is new in this movie, the same concept and message that were told for years, the movie has been handled so nicely and seriously. I see a very careful planning in the making of the movie (screen play). Vadivelu being the lead, the movie cannot be made too serious and at the same time they were careful not to have overdose of comedy, there's enough seriousness in the film, but shouldn't be too serious, so filmed in Bagyaraj style, a big joke introduced at very serious moments. From one angle it seems to be a film with message, patriotism.. attacking the MNCs……Pepsi - duped as 'Gapsi' and Coca cola - 'Akka mala'.. Handling the concept of Jathi sandai…. though in a comedy way makes one to think.
The thing that they have used the Raja period (Period of Katabomban), to make us think about the present situation is interesting. Messages are given in a proper dose, just to make us understand, not forcing things into our mind. Enough care has been taken not to over dose anything, be it comedy, message, seriousness, love…. Everything in a very good blend…. no part was made to be boring. Sometime ago I used to Criticize Vadivelu.. 'what is he doing except for shouting and getting beaten by others'.. he has his own style, good timing and the delivery of dialogues. Was just thinking is this vadivelu who I saw in 'En Rasavin Manasile'- the lean village boy, seeming to be stricken by provety. Could any other comedian give the same performance and result for this movie (Vivek?).. cannot say.. the director I think has played a major role in handling things.
I feel after decades, after Nagesh (K. Balachander), a good movie was delivered with a comedian playing a lead role.
I am eagerly looking forward for the interview the producer/director.
What they wanted to give..?
A comedy film with vadivelu?
A message film like the old NSK/ MRR?
My appreciation to one and all.

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