Shocking Things Happening in TFI

Thread started by jaaze on 20th February 2009 06:31 PM

Use this thread to share things happening in TFI that are shocking.
If it's not appropriate to post in the Funny Things thread, this thread may be the right place to do so without hurting any feelings or raising eyebrows.

(Things posted here need not be funny)

To start off with,

Karunas turns Music Director
Ragava Lawrence as the lead star ‘Rajathi Raja’ is progressing into a romantic-comedy flick. Karunas will not only don prominent comedian role but also tunes the music track of the movie. Because of Karunas hands on music many famous audio companies are competing to get the audio rights. Keeping this demand on mind production company Cinema Paradise has decided to arrange for a grand Audio release function.
All the best Pop Karunas!

Simran turns producer
Simran is in deep thoughts to produce her own movies and act in the same. The decision is due to lack of offers in cinema. Simran was the number one actress and dream girl well known for her beautiful waist line. During the peak of her career she got married and settled in Delhi for a while her fans kept her in the most respectable place. But after giving birth to a boy baby she returned to the limelight and tried her level best to enact in lead roles. Unfortunately this talented actress got only supporting roles such as mother, sister and in-law which she accepted initially but started ignoring at present. So the actress is left without much to do and that’s when she thought about producing her own movies. If the movie does well at box office Simran is ready to produce her own movies in near future.
All the best Simran we really think you need a successful return to Kollywood. Think Hollywood is much easier, where married actresses are as successful as singles.

Srikanth Deva will not act
Music director Srikanth Deva refuses all the offers he gets to for acting. He also deny recent rumor that he will be acting in a movie. According to him music is life and soul. Like Ilayaraja and his father Deva he lays his life only to music. He also added that if there is any scene in which he comes as a musician or singer he might accept the role but will never utter any dialogues.
Keeping up ones reputation is really hard in this competitive world; Srikanth Deva knows it very well!

(Thank you Srikant Deva sir. You are the real hero)