Thread started by karthik_sa2 on 13th February 2009 11:41 PM

watched sms today in inox...its been a long time since i watched such a thorough entertaining movie...padam fullah semma kalaai...i have become a fan of jeeva ..superb acting...santhaanaam i would say this is the best of santhaanam...jeeva and santhaanam vara scene'lam superb...urvasi too was right up there...there is also a surprise cameo done by ....well watch the movie to know..
yuvan rocked all the way in bgm's and songs...after watching the movie i am liking all the songs now...
theater was full of screams and laughter...pasangloda pona semma enjoy pannalaam....ofcousre figure kooda ponaalum enjoy is such a movie and dont expect strong story line...


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