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Who is the Best Film Director of the present lot

Topic started by manuel on Fri Jul 7 16:12:46 2006.

Guys let us look at it this way ..A film director is a equivalent to a team lead and what are his desired qualities?
I look at it purely from a layman's perspective, so may be we can say : -

He essentially is a good story teller who captures and brings his ideas and thoughts in a piece of camera and affects the audience or say make them feel happy or provokes them to think on issues.
In the process he may utilize his own or his team members skills to bring overall satisfaction of every one involved.

Let us look at the following points -

a)Story,script,screenplay - A director who dares to venture in to unthought or unimaginable may be comercially unpopular but socially relevant themes and narrate it well.
b)Technology - A director who chooses and uses the best technology available interms of cinematography,editing, picturisation and other techniques involved.
c)Music - A diretcor who chooses the right kind of music- BGM or even songs (as these are inevitable in our movies) to comprehend the story.

And any other qualities that you may think off which makes your chosen director the Best among the lot (but pls specify)

Note- we are excluding commerciall sucess of the movies in question

I would rate it this way -

1) Director Bala - he can think of uncanny story line & narrate it well with good gel of music and comic in his movies (Sethu, nandha Pithamagan)
2) Diretcor Cheran - Brings in socially relevant messages in his movies dares to make clean movies at a time of vulgarity at its prime (autograph, thavamai thavamirundhu)
3)Maniratnam - The only film maker who can think out of the box ideas ... mixes technicalities with emotions. (anjali, nayakan, agni natchathiram... so on and on ..)

So who do you think is the best director ????? or who will make it big in future not just in tamil cinema but also internationally.

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