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More than interesting
In Kadhalna Summa Illa, a remake of the Telugu film Gammiyam, director Ilangkannan has by and large followed the original but made some minor alterations in the end. This has made the film more than interesting. The terrorist group in the climax seems like an aberration; however it works as it shows the hero Ravi Krishna’s death.

A wealthy, young man Abhiram (Sarvanath) loves Janaki (Kamalini Mukerjee) who initially spurns his advances. She is a doctor and wants to work in the villages. Abhiram who kills a boy in an accident lands in hospital and when he is discharged finds his lady love missing. He sets out in search of her.

Abhiram bumps into a two-wheeler thief Vetti Vel (Ravi Krishna) who attempts to steal his expensive bike. Circumstances bring the duo together and Vetti Vel promises to help him in his quest. The search takes them to places and brings them into contact with different people, some willing to help them and others opposed to them.

How they tackle the challenges forms the plot. The characterisation, Ravi Krishna’s perfomance and the dialogue contribute greatly to the film’s success.

Shekar Prasad helped translate into Tamil the dialogues of the Telugu film penned by Krish. Every word Ravi Krishna utters takes the story forward and makes each scene entertaining. Sarvanath makes the grade as an actor. The only problem is he looks younger than the heroine, Kamalini Mukerjee, in several close-up shots. Thejashree’s dance does not help the film much. As the two males take up more frames, Kamalini Mukerjee tries to impress the audience with her acting and she partially succeeds in it. Ilavarasu as the roadside shop vendor and Kanja Karuppu as the buyer of stolen vehicles make perfect cameos. M. S. Bhaskar shines as the man who only talks but does nothing.

The three music directors, Vidhyasagar, Mani Sharma and E. S. Murthy, have done justice to their work as the three songs scored by them have the audience humming them. Cinematographer Vincent’s visuals make one sit up and take notice. Director Ilangkannan has stuck to the original for the most part, but tweaked a few scenes in the end to suit local taste — this has worked favourably for the film.

Kadhalna Summa Illa
Genre: Romance

Director: Ilangkannan

Cast: Ravi Krishna, Sarvanath, Kamalini Mukerjee and M. S. Bhaskar.

Storyline: A young man, goes in search of his lady love, bumps into different kinds of people and in the end gets what he wanted.

Bottomline: Interesting till the end, and the dialogue, a big plus point.

Heroism movies, mokka padam ellaam naam kura solroam. Konjamaavathu decent aa padam vanthaa naama yaarum kandukirathu illayo


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