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Ajith vs Bala

Topic started by Sanjeevi on Sun Jun 18 11:43:51 2006.

It is shcoking news to anyone.

Bala and his Co. that include producer Thenappan, Distributor Arulpathi, Financier Anbu (the same guy always on controversy news) and another guy have tortured Ajith in a Hotel Chennai. After 4 hours of torture and after getting more than 3 crore settlement from Ajith to Bala and Naan Kadavul producer, they have allowed ajith to leave from the hotel room.

This is the short story publised in this week Report a political and investigation magazine from Kumudam group.

Bala has decided to direct a film titled "Naan Kaduvul" before two years. Initially A.M. Ratnam was the producer and Bala has approaced Ajith and gave adavance to him. Ajith said to Bala, it is not suitable for me to act in a movie produced by a A.M.Ratnam. Hence, Bala went to current producer of Naan Kadavul Mr. Thenappan. Bala took nearly two years for story discussion and finalizing the story. For this he has spend almost 4 crores from the 13.5 crores given by Thenappan to Bala to make the film on first copy basis. In the meantime Ajith has finished some films including Paramasivan and Thiruppathi.

Now Bala needs extra 5 crores to finish the film from producer. Producer has told that he won't able because there will no chance to sell the film for more than 18 crores after the film finished. Now bala has decided to out Ajith from the project only because his salary is 2.5+ crores. Now he has appointed Arya for Rs. 50 lacs instead of Ajith.

Bala and Co. have claimed the amount what they gave to Ajith + Interest from Ajith. And Now Bala has complained that Ajith is the main reason for the two years delay and due to ajith he has lost money (Reason : He was unable to make a film for A.M. Ratnam). Therefore he want more money from Ajith.

Finally Ajith settled to all.

The entire kollywood has shocked.

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