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Anti-Simbu Thread

Topic started by viki24 on Sun Jun 18 6:05:17 2006.

Hi guys and offence,i'm just questioning Simbu's credibility.Even though he proves his acting and directing ability in Manmadan,sorry to's success solely lies on to Jothika,the songs and scantily clad womens,the movie did insult my intelligence about killing girls who cheats and that was lame.He even tried to prove his worth in Thotti Jaya,but guys...clearly he didnt fit in the role,he looked a lot like a small kid with a big beard.The movie Saravana was funny but he looked a lot more funnier with the mustache,in another word ugly.The movie Vallavan,we know it could be crowd puller because Simbu-Nayantara lip incident,another way of marketing sex.And you know,sex sells.

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