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Featured Varanam Aayiram Movie Review
by Jelly fish

Varanam Ayirum is a good movie. I liked the movie .I was waiting of for this movie a long time.The movie was different from the usual masala movies. It’s a movie straight from the heart. This is going to be one of Surya best performance .The music of Harris Jayaraj is rocking. The direction of Gautham is good the screenplay is really good in the first half but he gets kind of lost with the screenplay in the second half.

It’s basically a story about the relation between a Father and Son and the various stages of their lives. The 'father' Surya is a revelation and catches us off guard. His body language, modulations in voice, etc. make us sit up and take notice.

As we have seen in many of Gautham's films, there is no separate comedy track but the humour quotient is tangible in many sequences. The director's maturity comes to the fore when the emotional bonding between the father and his son is downplayed or kept in check. The bonding between them also takes into account the mother's contribution to their relationship, a factor that is largely ignored in many films. Gautham scores here too. Gautham's forte lies in his pleasing depiction of love stories. The Meghna-Suriya love affair and the onscreen chemistry they share is too good. But will any father will send his son to US for pursuing his love?

I don’t understand why they introduced the kidnapping of children and the rescue operations, though filmed in a gripping manner, don't contribute significantly to the overall theme of the film but only add to the duration of the film, which runs for three hours. The length plays spoilsport to the overall impact.

Surya has, no doubt, scaled many dimensions in acting in this film. It will be an under-statement to merely say that Surya has done well. In fact, he carries the entire film on his well built shoulders. His portrayal of life's various stages with the apt body language and the downplayed emotion is marvelous. His romantic scenes with Divya and Meghna, the much spoken-about 'six-pack' physique, the agonizing time when he's not getting his quota of drugs, etc. are just samples of this ever-improving actor. The climax sequence where the two Surya (father and son) bid goodbye and exchange emotional glances is a class act.

Simran, the glamour queen of Kollywood not so long ago, appears in an aged character and sends out a strong statement about her acting with a subdued performance. Her experience as having acted as a heroine in a number of films comes in handy in depicting various emotions.

Sameera Reddy looks dazzling and surprisingly, acts well. Divya Spandana, in a small role, makes her presence felt and she looks really cute.

Harris Jeyaraj's music is another major advantage to the movie.All the songs rock and his background score also is very good backed by good poetic lyrics by thamarai .The Adiya Kolluthai song is too good. Its sad that Gautham and Harris have split.Rathnavelu's cinematography is a major strength of the film; the way his camera has canned the great Himalayas and the nature-rich scenic locations in America is quite commendable. The Costumes for the movie is very good.

But for some slight deviations from the original plot of traversing a man's life history from his childhood to old age, the film is good.

Never mind the length, the film is worth watching for all the efforts and dimensions portrayed.It is different kind of movie from Gautham and the team.And I am really happy that different kind of movies are made in the Tamil Industry and the audience are open minded to different subjects.