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Ananda Thandavam (also referred to as Aananda Thaandavam), which stars Tamannaah and newcomer Siddharth, is an adaptation of the famous novel, Pirivom Santhippom by Sujatha. The book became an instant hit when it was released 20 years ago and still has quite a lot of fans. Director Gandhi Krishna, an avid fan of this book and every work of Sujatha, decided to turn it into a film. After acquiring permission from Sujatha, he turned it into a beautiful screenplay 7 years ago. Aascar Films, who are dedicated to give quality entertainment, agreed to produce the film, and understanding its nature and potential, even allocated a big budget.

The film is about a young girl whose profession in the field of virtual reality and special effects field takes her to USA. After spending quite some time in USA, she realizes that her life has been rendered too monotonous by the mechanized American lifestyle. That is when she longs to return to India.

Most of the film has been shot in USA and both Tamannaah and Siddharth have given beautiful performances. Tamannaah looks real gorgeous in this film. The film’s support cast includes Rukmini, Kitty, Rishi Madanbob, Bala Singh and “Special Effects” Venky.

Gandhi Krishna’s screenplay and direction coupled with some fabulous music from G.V. Prakash have turned this film into a beautiful entertainer. It would sure prove nostalgic and would touch everyone’s heart, those engaged in a highly-mechanized lifestyle and missing the subtleties of life will find it most appealing.
Expected to hit the screens in december..


The book begins with a French poetry....
"I love you some times foolishly
and at thosemoments
I do not understand that
I could not ,would not and should not be
so absorbing a thought for you as you are for me

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