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Where are they now?

Topic started by Bipolar on Tue May 30 6:37:34 2006.

I've just been wondering about a few personalities who once figured in Tamil Films: where are they now, anyone know what they are doing?

Singer Jency
Singer Minmini
Singer Suresh Peters
Music Director Adityan
Actor Vignesh (He was in a film called "Velai" or something like that)
Actor Ramesh Aravind
Actor Anand Babu
Actor Siva (actually, I'm not sure of his name, but he was the lead actor in a film called "Eeramaana Rojave")
Actress Mohini (the lead actress in the above-mentioned film)
Actor Ranjith (villain in the film called "MarumaLarchi", which had Malayalam Superstar Mamootty in the lead)
Actress Ranjitha
Actress Lavanya (lead actress in the film "Paattu Paadavaa" with SP Balasubramaniam and Rahman)
Actor Mohan (the guy in "Mouna Raagam" he wasn't a bad actor, shame he just seems to have disappeared from Kodambaakkam... I heard he made a film a few years ago, but I was out of Tamil Nadu at the time, so I didn't get to see that film)
Actress Vindhya (from "Sangamam")
Actress Isha Koppikkar (from "En swaasa kaatre") with Arvind Swamy
Actress Swathy (I think she was in the film "Pavithraa", starring opposite Ajith Kumar)
Actress Suvalakshmi
The actor (I don't know his name) who played Inspector Khelkhatt in "Nayagan"...
Any other long unseen personalities...


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