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Karan and Kokki

Topic started by terminator on Thu May 18 4:58:02 2006.

Kokki - Real and riveting

The most difficult part of a climb back to heights, is doing it all over again. It is much more painful. Only the truly determined and focused manage it. Karan is. This serious actor, on a comeback through Kokki, has managed this difficult feat.

His long wait has now paid off as Kokki not only has a gripping storyline but also good visuals and neat background score.

Director Prabhu Solomon deserves a special pat for thinking out of the box.

The storyline is simple but the narration makes it engrossing. It is all about simpleton youth Kokki (Karan) who comes to Chennai for livelihood and the course of events which changes his life.

Kokki Samy alias Kokki comes to the city help his foster father Subburaj (Malaysia Vasudevan) who runs a hair dressing outlet in Chennai. He comes across a local bigwig Upilliappan (Kotta Srinivasa Rao), who is a staunch believer in astrology and makes all his moves on the advice of his astrologer (Manickam Vinayakam). He wakes up everyday at the sight of a God Ayyanar after the advice of his astrologer. One day he happens to wake up and sees Kokki first who comes to his house. The day brings him more fortunes. He decides to let Kokki come everyday morning to his house and uses his clout and his henchmen to bring Kokki to his place. Differences crop up and eventually Kokki leaves the place.

Desperate to get Kokki back, Upilli uses his power and urges the local police inspector Masanam (Sakthi Kumar) to bring back Kokki. He hatches a conspiracy and succeeds in projecting Kokki a criminal thereby preventing any possibility of him to flee the country.

Kokki escapes from police to take shelter in a Women's Hostel where he comes across Raji (Sanjana). They develop an affinity as Kokki saves her from danger.

Kokki's run continues till he takes the life of Uppilliappan and his men.

Karan as Kokki is impressive. He has not just shed his weight for playing the character but also underplayed his role. His body language and mannerisms deserve a special mention.

Debutant Sanjana from Kolkata, playing Kokki's ladylove, has given a measured performance. Happy that Kollywood has got a girl who can really perform on the screen.

The baddies are typical. But Kota Srinivasa Rao is impressive. So is Malaysai Vasudevan as Kokki's father.

Dheena perhaps for the first time has impressed with his tunes and background score. He seems to have done a perfect homework. Jeevan's cinematography catches Chennai quite beautifully. A bundle of talent sure to go places.

Prabhu Solomon, after a dismal show in his maiden venture King, has lived up to expectations in Kokki. Sure to impress movie lovers is Kokki.

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