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Topic started by kandiban on Wed May 17 7:11:16 2006.



Bharath is now currently working in the film Veyil directed by Vasanta Balan. This film is produced by S Pictures. Bhavana is starring as heroine. This film centers around two persons Bharath – Pasupathi in Virudhunagar.

Bharath says “This film will take me to the next higher step in my career like Kadhal did. My next film will be Chennai Kadhal which is directed by Vikraman. The other project I am working on currently is with ‘Metti Oli’ Thirumurugan and the film is titled as Emtton Magan.”

Meanwhile Bharath has raised his salary from 40 to 50 lakhs. This shows his growth in a short period. Rolling Eyes Cool Cool Cool Cool

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