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Rajini & Kamal

Topic started by kandiban on Fri May 12 4:39:56 2006.

Lessons from Rajini & Kamal.

January 18, 2006
‘Clash of the titans’, ‘Clash of Superstars’, ‘The next Kamal-Rajini equation’. These were the phrases used in the media to project the pongal releases of this year. We agree, even was responsible in its own way to hype up the situation. But what we expected was a cracker of a conflict. What turned out was a dumb squib!!

Pongal no doubt was a special one, with Ajith putting in great efforts to make a strong come back and with Vijay in his best form. One thing which is astonishing is the loyalty of Ajith’s fans. They live and die by his name. Even after a string of flops for the past two years, how can someone generate so much curiosity? Perhaps the only other man who can accomplish something similar to this is the Superstar, Rajinikanth himself. On the other hand, Vijay who has been growing in stature ever since Ghillie hit the screens is next only to Rajinikanth when it comes to distribution price tags. His movies sell easily for more than 4 crores in Chennai-Chengalpet area alone.

“With greater powers come greater responsibilities”. Do these two young guns realize that? The pity is, they don’t seem to. And what is more discouraging is that they do not seem to be learning anything from the giants, Rajinikanth and Kamalhassan.

Vijay for his home production came up with a sleek trailer. The trailer was exceptionally done. Perhaps it had to do with the studio where the editing was done. But lesser said about the movie, the better. Most of the people who have watched the movie have an uneasy feeling about it. Mr.Vijay, we all are great fans of yours. You definitely have that charisma that one requires to become a Superstar. But for God sake stop making remakes of Telugu movies. Tamil industry is one of the most original and the talented one in the entire country. And for God sake, stop listening to people who say you already are a Rajinikanth. You have miles to go before you can catch up with the one man industry, Mr.Rajinikanth

Downfall of Aathi had to do with three main assumptions of the production team.
1. Everything that Vijay does will sell.
2. Get Vijay-Trisha pair and you are all done.
3. All Telugu remakes will be a hit.

Ajith on the other side was so eager to get at least one of his movies released on time that content of the movie was given the least preference. The movie Paramasivan is doing brisk business when compared to other movies. But if it was released among a better set of movies, it would have been yet another wash out for the Ultimate star. Ajith, please do not sign up a dozen movies at a time. You are one actor who people cherish watching on screen. Please do not let quantity dominate quality. You are too talented for movies like Paramasivan.

Directors should also be held responsible here. What do the best directors do? Mani, Shankar,Gautham, Murugadoss, Selvaraghavan, Bala, Cheran and Dharani. They all take their own time to complete a project. For them perfection is more important than churning out movies after movies every four months. Directors, by making quick movies, are in fact doing producers bad rather than good.

The third biggie of Pongal is Saravana. Another super talent, who had gone wasted with such a movie, is Simbu. Imagine Simbu beating ten to twelve baddies to pulp. That scene is good enough to test your nerves. Mr.Simbu, please act your age and you will be one actor who will be talked for generations to come.

Final verdict: All three big movies of Pongal are turning out to be disappointments for the fans.

One thing which the younger lot of the actors should learn from the magical pair of Rajini and Kamal is their total commitment towards giving quality movies. Kamal, who been striving to give better quality movies through out his career is coming up with Vetaiyadu and few other interesting projects. Rajini has joined hands with Shankar for Sivaji. He is now encouraging younger directors to come up with a storyline for him. Murugadoss and Vishnuvardhan being two of those many directors that the actor had a talk with

A humble request to the generation Y actors, “In the race to Superstardom, don’t waste your God given talents. Let Tamil cinema be the final winner!!”

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