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DISHOOM .. funny fighting scenes in tamil cinema

Topic started by r_o_j_a on Mon May 1 12:50:24 2006.

funny fighting scenes in tamil films

1) 30 police vans/hitmans chasing hero
2) dozen hitmans trying to be beat up hero but hero suceeds (bit like kill bill)
3) Hero is completely free of any big injuries or bruises
4) when hero is injured , he normally has a bandage wrapped round his head and blood stains at the top left/right handed corner of his head.
5) you hear the same irritating gun shots in every tamil movie.
6) fight usually takes place in a warehouse , where
i) forklift is used to kill some random people
ii) whole family is kidnapped and tied
7) at the end the main villain is killed by the hero
8) at the end the villain (who is the hero's girlfriend father) apologizes and he is forgiven
9) hero never goes to jail for killing villain , beating up hitmans.

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