Kadhai kettu Padam Sol!

Thread started by VENKIRAJA on 10th February 2008 07:39 PM

Padam paarthu kadhai sol kelvipattirupeergal........ithu antha concept-oda remix!

just give three clues about the movie......make the hubbers guess it....lets make a chain of arousing trials!
the clues might:
* revolve around the plot
*maybe the protagonist....."not directly though"
*anything u know bout the movie....snippets which are unusual!
*Follow the regular regulations such as the one answering the entry must give the question next......if there's zero response,then anyone online can shoot out;pls quote the kadhai for which ure attempting to answer!

Go ahead,happy guessing!

(MODS:Sorry if it seems repetitive we just had a game of this last week.....it was so intriguing )


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