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Topic started by lancelot on Fri Mar 3 11:58:19 2006.

has anyone herd of this great director called Quentin Tarantino??? if not

well.... he is my favorite director.....
there are some Director Trademarks of his....

for instance....every film of his...there will be one scean that the main character will be in bare feet....for instance
in Kill Bill I - Lucy Liu is barefoot as she runs to kill Boss Tanaka. The band at the House of Blue Leaves is barefoot. The Bride is barefoot as she escapes from the hospital and tries to regain control of her legs....

there r many more Director Trademarks of his....

let me come to the point of this thread.....

my favorite in Tamil movies is obviously Manirathnam.....
even he has some Director Trademarks

have u noticed that in most of his movies there is a song sequence that is shot in water.....
Roja - chinna chinna asai
Kannathil Muthtmittal - Kannathil Muthtmittal
Alaipayuthey - Snegithene
Uyire - Nenjinile Nenjinile
there is one song in Iruver, one in Nayagan,

and so on.....

u obviously have your own favorite director/actor/actress.....
share somthing that is a Trademarke.

Very Happy

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