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Cine Personalities Turned Politicians

Topic started by Thirumaran on Wed Feb 15 11:31:56 2006.

Let us discuss about the Cine Personalities who turned politicians.

Our state is the only state which has 5 Chief Ministers having the cine background.

Who is you favourite among them. Why do you like them.

The list is endless.

I am just mentioning few notable persons.

1. Arignar AnnaDurai.
2. Kalaignar Karunaanidhi
3. Makkal Thilagam MGR
4. Janaki MGR
5. Jayalalitha.

The all five were CM's.

The other notable persons are.

1. Shivaji Ganesan
2. SS Rajendran
3. Vijaykanth
4. Karthik
5. SarathKumar
6. MR Raadha
7. TRajendar
8. Raadha Ravi
9. SS Chandran.
10. Ramarajan


My favourite is MGR.


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