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Jeeva & "Kadhal" Sandhya in **Dishoom!!**

Topic started by James Pain on Fri Feb 3 18:11:16 2006.


The title Dishyum may be misleading until we realize that it is the dishyum between two hearts. This romantic feel-good film will make you think as the screenplay is written intelligently on the bitter-sweet nature of love.
Sasi asks the eternal question- Can friends be lovers especially a well-educated girl and a boorish illiterate stuntman? He takes us through the life and times of an uneducated stuntman known among his colleagues as ‘Risk Bhaskar’(Jeeva). This stuntman does dare devil action and stunts for top heroes and as he has no family, and hence does not have any fear. This is the quality that stunt masters see in him and they use it to their advantage to make him perform risky stunts. Once Bhaskar meets Cynthia (Sandhya) a sculptor and art student who is bold and sees things in a practical manner.

Bhaskar starts admiring Cynthia and soon realizes that he has fallen in love with her. But Cynthia does not have the same feeling and treats him as a good friend. After Bhaskar confesses his love to her, Cynthia explains that theirs is a mismatch but promises to marry him if she develops love or if not, they would part as friends.Bhaskar decides to take up the challenge. His logic is simple- “If I can take risk in my job, why cant I in love?”.

Will Bhaskar and Cynthia unite? Will her parents approve of this relationship? All this forms the rest of the story. Both Jeeva and Sandhya are likable and does their best to make the film lively and absolutely convincing. For Jeeva it is once again a subdued performance and he scores especially in scenes when he confesses about this first sexual experience and the scene when he tries to impress his love by jumping in front of a running bus.

Sandhya has proved that her performance in Kathal was no flash in the pan as here too she takes the cake and the bakery! She is simply outstanding in her performance as the bold and practical girl who thinks twice before she falls in love. She conveys everything through her expressive eyes and there is little than one can complain about her plump figure. Pakru the dwarf as Amitabh the stuntman provides some refreshing comedy and is a welcome relief from the usual comedy brigade. Nassar and Malavika are good as Cynthia’s parents.

The music of Vijay Antony is hummable especially the “Nenjam Kottil…” number that stays on your lips. Vairamuthu’s lyrics and Sasi’s picturisation on the backwaters of Alleppy and Vakamon are added highlight of this song. If the film was trimmed little bit in the second half, it would have been more racy. On the whole, Dishyum is a welcome relief from the mindless action and heartless love stories that you see these days. Sasi has done a decent job to weaving romance in the backdrop of a stuntman’s life.

Verdict: Enjoyable!

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