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CINEMA: Jeevan’s no Gemini Ganesan
By K.N. Vijiyan

03 May, 2007

AAN AVANILLAI (Tamil) Directed by Jeeva Starring Jeevan, Sneha, Namitha, Malavika, Jyorthirmayi, Keerthi Chawla, Tejashree, Letchumy, Raj Kapoor, Livingstone, Mayilsamy IN 1974, noted director K. Balachander came out with Naan Avanillai, with Gemini Ganesan in the lead.

Gemini, who had produced the black-and-white movie himself, did not get back his investment. All he got was critical appreciation for his superb acting, playing seven different characters in the film.

I remember how impressed I was with the story in which Gemini was accused of marrying more than five women, abandoning each one after robbing them blind.

It was then that I began to appreciate director Balachander even more.

Now Tamil movie producers have caught the fever sweeping Bollywood — remaking old movies. After Naan Avanillai, Rajnikanth’s Billa is also being remade.

I would rather prefer producers continue to remake movies from other Indian languages like they have been doing for so long.

Naan Avanillai 2007 has more “sex”, with the producers splurging on making the song sequences more interesting and outstanding. Hero Jeevan danced with all five heroines.

The songs, by Vijay Anthony, who found fame through his Dailamoh song from the movie Dishum, are very hummable and enjoyable.

Maybe I am biased, but Jeevan’s acting never comes up to Gemini’s level in the original movie. This was a golden opportunity for him to show his histrionics but Jeevan displayed so few emotions. The only time he seems to show great enthusiasm is when frolicking with the maidens, especially the Malayalee lass.

This is a bit surprising as Jeevan was so effective in the role of a criminal in the 2003 film Kaakha Kaakha.

The movie has a different ending from the original. In the original, you begin to doubt that one man could be married to so many women. When you see all those flashbacks in court, you have to keep guessing whether all the allegations against the hero are true. It is only in the last scene that he is exposed for what he is and was.

But in the new movie, director Selva assumes that the audience know that the hero is guilty from the start.

Having seen the original somewhat reduced the pleasure I would have got from watching this movie. Otherwise, one will enjoy this movie, basically because the story is so different from what we have been getting lately in Tamil movies.


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