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Actors speaking political dialogues to cheat their fans

Topic started by nilavupriyan on Wed Jan 11 0:07:31 2006.

hello hubbers...

we have come across many heroes who exploit the ignorance and expectation of their fans by speaking political dialogues and make an impact on them to make their film hit!

ramarajan are those people ...... many of them have come for politics

but some of them just cheated their fans!

infact many rajni fans joined the fan club and worked greatly thinking that they would become politically active oneday!...rajni made political dialogues in each and every movie!.....

anothet thing is mocking at cm post!.....the actors just make an illusion that total tamilnadu is waiting for him to be cm!..rediculous dare they think abt tamilnadu people this way!...they make an illusion such as the tamil nadu people are begging them to come to power....but noone is caring abt that here!(they are not gandhi or kamaraj.......they are just normal people who make money out of cinema and make some immovable properties..)

actors must stop these sort of things

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