MOVIE OF THE WEEK - "Moondram Pirai"

Thread started by selvakumar on 30th January 2007 06:29 PM

Sometimes, I feel like discussing some movies with all our hubbers. But finding it very difficult to use the existing threads since they are all dedicated to stars, directors, actresses etc !

I am sure MANY OF US may feel discussing on the scenes of a movie, the greatness etc. One benefit is: We can gain lot of INFO on the movie from the veteran hubbers. IF we discuss the same in existing threads, everyone won't be interested to join and share their thoughts since all the threads are unique in their own way.

So, I thought of creating something in which many can share their thoughts on a movie.

Ofcourse, having considered the HUB HISTORY, We are not going to touch the movies that are releasing nowadays. It may bring something unwanted. so, We can discuss on Yesteryear classics.

One movie per week.

I expect we can have fruitful discussion by remembering the past parallely !
I wanted to start this one with a movie in mind. will post the title now !

Expecting that hubbers will be happy to share their thoughs. Ofcourse, this thread is an inspiration from similar threads !