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Wish some things were different!

Topic started by ssanjinika on Wed Dec 14 15:12:24 2005.

Hi everyone.
Have you ever watched a movie and afterwards felt "Had I directed the movie I would have changed this portion or I would have altered the climax this way".
I have done it many why not discuss that
in this thread.
One movie which comes to mind is Kadhal Kottai.I really liked the movie but I hate the way the fall in love.
Ajit will tell his friend "Naan aval-a pakamaye kadhalikka poren".Had it been upto me I would have
had them write a few more letters and gradually fall in love with each other.It def would have had more impact IMO.
Anyone else felt something like this at sometime?
Comeonn dont be shy!!Let your creative juices flowing..afterall you have a story ,you just need to make some changes to it Wink

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