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Targeting/Ridiculing community in Movies.

Topic started by indian224080 on Wed Dec 7 17:16:52 2005.

Hello All,
Now we can see most of the movies are targeting one community or the other. For example in the movie "Sivakasi" Brahmins were ridiculed.(apart from lawyers being targeted). For example there were song wherein all the Junior actors were seen playing with the "sacred thread" and making a mockery of it. Sacred thread is sacred for orthodox brahmins. How can they be ridiculed. How can the language spoken by a particular section be ridiculed? Not only in this movie there are umpteen movies wherein Brahmins and ther other peace loving communities were targeted for no reason. WHat are the directors trying to achieve by this? DO they get some sort of Moral happiness.(If they get then they are truly morons). As educated citizens should we sue them in the court of law or just remain mute spectators to the whole drama?

I want some sincere karuthus from my friends here...


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