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MANI RATHNAM !!! A Revolution amongst Tamil Directors ....

Topic started by m_23_bayarea on Thu Nov 17 14:16:25 2005.

Abhishek Bachchan stars in Mani Ratnam's Hollywood flick
- 17.11.2005

A full pot does not overflow. Mani Ratnam does not over react. Why, he doesn't talk much either. Unnecessarily dragging him into his wife Suhasini's controversy, the idle mischief mongers called for a ban on screening his films in any part of the globe, and publicity hungry media also indulged in writing about this useless information. In the meantime, Mani Ratnam stepped into Hollywood cinema.

As usual, the story, scenes and first day of shooting are all a suspense. The only news that leaked out was who the hero of the film would be. It is none other than Abhishek Bachchan of 'Yuva' fame, where he was one of the three heroes. The sacrifices Abhishek did for starring in a Mani Ratnam film is expressive of the charisma his films have for Bollywood people.

Many years back, 'Sholay' was such a super bumper hit that it ran for actually years. Now Ram Gopal Varma plans to give a new avatar to it in 'Sholay 2.' Amitabh Bachchan will do the role of Gabbar Singh. Abhishek will do the hero role of Amitabh. When all was finalized and he was to leave for shooting, Abhishek got the call from Mani Ratnam. He was in a dilemma. Sholay or Mani Ratnam? The latter won hands down.

Mani has ruled supreme in Kollywood by making Hollywood type films. Of course, what type of film he will make for Hollywood, is a million dollar question!

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