Sathyaraj in Periyar

Thread started by groucho070 on 23rd August 2006 03:30 PM

This is a second thread I've started.

I am really excited of this project. No, its not because of Periyar. I am reserving my judgement until I see the film. I have not seen the director's earlier effort, Barathi, simply because not only he got a non-Tamilian, but he got someone who can't even speak Tamil, with dubbed voice.

To my mind, SV Suppiah will always be Barathi. But hopefully in future, there will be a more definite film with proper cast.

I am excited about Periyar because of Sathyaraj. After making crappy (some very delightful) films, he is finally given an opportunity to flex his acting muscle.

I think criticism will come from the fact that he looks different from Periyar. I recall pictures of Periyar looking much darker (a wonderful contrast to his white hair and beard), and smaller. Sathyaraj's well built 6' 2" is wrong.

But, I think he will pull it off. He showed brilliant performances in the past (a long list of achievement in Tamil films). Of recent, I particularly liked his performance in Maran. Very restrained. Very professional. I hope he will do the same.

Hope you can show your views. Here are some of the stills (check out one shirtless scene, he shaved off that wools of his):

Oh yes, I am a Sathyaraj fan. A guilty pleasure.


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