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Some good movies which did not get noticed enough

Topic started by Girish11 on Thu May 5 18:48:18 2005.


I thought it would be interesting to discuss about some good
movies which did not get the deserved appreciation or went

I am sure, the first thing which will come in mind for most
of the people will be a huge list of Kamal movies such as
Hey Ram, Anbe Sivam, Guna, Mahanadi etc, we can
discuss about those movies no problems with that, but, at the
same time, I would request the hubbers
to focus more on other movies, because Kamal movies
are high profile and all critics already know which good
movies of Kamal were not appreciated enough but
there are other low profile good movies which did not click,
the idea is to exchange ideas and get to know of
such low profile good movies. Who knows, we may even
get a chance to see some good movies which have been
missed out which we dont know about Smile

From recent movies, some movies that come to my mind
are "Five Star", I think this movie was a moderate success in
India, I am not very sure, but I found it to be quite nice.
Not a class movie but really nice.

Other movies which I thought were good and did not get the
recognition in recent times are Kutti, Kanavu meipada vendum.

There are some old movies which I though were good such
as "Meendum oru kaadhal kadhai" *ing Pratab pothan and
Radhika, it got a national award too, also, Manasukkul mathappu
*ing Prabhu, Charanya, Sarath babu. I saw these 2 movies
atleast 15 years back when I was not even 20, if I see them
now, I may not feel the same about it, because, sometimes
after a few years, you watch a movie which you thought was
quite good earlier but dont feel the same about it after a big gap,
for ex, this happened to me when I saw Kadalora Kavithaigal
which did impress me when I saw it during its release but
now I thought there was nothing special about it.

Looking forward to your comments.


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