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Thread started by Girish11 on 28th April 2005 06:44 AM

Hi Guys,

Wanted to share some opinions with you and get your
comments and feedback on the same.

Until just a couple of years back, the standard/quality/subjects
of Tamil movies in my opinion were far superior compared
to Hindi movies, I remember, as recently as 5 years back,
many hindi movies used to have the same back ground music
when a serious or tense scene is shown, whereas in tamil
movies this had stopped long time back, I guess after the
entry of Ilayaraja.

Hindi movies, some time back used to be so repetetive and
frustrating, hardly one or two quality movies used to come
in one year, I used to hate many actors seeing them doing
the same thing again and again in every movie and thought
that is all they knew, for ex, I cannot bear to even see the
face of Ajay devgun before Lajja as he just used to do
the same thing in each and every movie, fight, keep a serious
face during the songs when the heroine is dancing around him,
vengeance in all movies, same shouting, same expressions etc,
but post Lajja, his movies have been pretty decent, his
perfomance too and I have started looking forward to
his movies, I cannot beleive it myself, same case with Sunil
Shetty, Akshay Kumar, Sanjay dutt, just used to hate them
like anything, not anymore (I still hate Sunny deol)

My point is, last couple of years, Bollywood has
totally changed, the type of movies they are making now
are different, day by day, we see the quality improving there
in recent times, at bollywood, now, they are innovating more,
experimenting more with a variety of subjects, the heroes
dont care for image, they are doing negative roles regularly
including the big B himself (In tamil it has started happening
just recently, otherwise, you can see a star doing a negative
role only if there is does a double role in the movie in which
one is good and the other is bad). The outcome???
Movies like Black, Dhoom, Swades, Dil Chahta hai etc etc.

What is happening in Kollywood and Malayalam movies
I feel is the opposite, Kollywood I beleive is still ahead
of Bollywood in terms of Cinematography, Stunts, Computer
graphics, but in other areas, the improvement has not been good
enough, still too many masala movies with repetetive acting,
subjects etc etc. The same with Malayalam movies, earlier,
even the low profile movies with lesser known actors
used to be quality movies, not even they have started making
too many masala movies and Malayalam movies are no more
near to what they used to be.

The irony is, people of South like Ram Gopal Varma,
Priyadarshan have a big hand in setting these new trends
in Bollywood, they raised the expectations of the audience
after giving some great movies like Satya, Hera Pheri
and Bollywood people to some extent followed the path and
started improvising.

I feel very sad at this situation, I hope Tamil film makers
will think about this and concentrate on making better movies
with good stuff, recently things have started happening,
good movies are being made, eg Raam, Kaadhal, Azhagiya theeye
etc, no doubt but still, it is not enough,
there is need for much more.

Also, one more sad thing to see, good actors like
Prasanna (he did a great job in 5 star and Azhagiya theeye both
the movies), Madhavan are not being given proper
oppurtunities to show their talents and not getting the
recognition they deserve, whereas many non worthy actors
are having a crazy fan following inspite of doing useless

looking forward to your comments.

Best rgds/Girish

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