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UlagaNaayagarin Superhit Hatrick UNNAIPPOL ORUVAN Part 2

Topic started by sakaLAKALAKAlaa Vallavar on Sun Sep 20 18:33:56 2009.

Its safe to conclude that Friday(18th Sep) almost won Wednesday Very Happy

Unnai Pol Oruvan is remake of hindi flick 'A Wednesday' Tamil version has minor modifications and dialogs are more native and sharp. Theatre gets claps and Standing Ovation, sometimes. Tamil Version has Malayalam superstar mohanlal and Telugu version EENAADU has Venkatesh.

Response & BO Report
Excellent to Too Good, for a low budget remake which has NONE of regular commercial elements. Movie opened to above average crowd and WOM is pulling houseful shows worldwide for approx 600 Prints worldwide. Most of the reviews, from all 3 quarters ( Media, Blogs, Common man Wink ) are strongly positive. Few many of them are even in praise of UPO more than Wednesday.

Media Reviews
Unnai Pol Oruvan is a must-watch
Rediff Rating: * * * *
Kamal Haasan speaks a little too much English for a Tamil film but when has language come in the way of an actor of his calibre and the audience? Even if he spoke in Mandarin, we probably would know what he’s saying, given the 50 years of seeing him around.

Harsh reality & harsher remedy
The remedy it offers may not be acceptable outright but the debate it most definitely would spark off, is worth the effort.
சராசரி பொதுமனிதனை பிரதிபலிக்கும் ‘உன்னைப் போல் ஒருவனை’ நிச்சயம் வரவேற்கலாம்.

Kamal Hassan's Chakri-Toleti directed Unnaipol Oruvan is new age Tamil cinema, which we can say proudly, is a must-watch.
Verdict- Excellent

EENAADU telugu reviews

Induvidual bloggers

Some BO report Videos and crowd response pics:-
FDFS Video from Udayam
UPO at kollam (kerala) FDFS pics
UPO in Chennai - Gallery

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