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Discussions on R.Madhavan Pt 3

Topic started by groucho070 on Tue Mar 10 0:07:47 2009.


Guys, thanks a lot for the previous thread. Lots of information and appreciation shared about this wonderful actor. Let's move on from here. My short intro writeup:

Charming with good (great?) looks, R. Madhavan is everything an actor with limited capabilities should be. Having said that, he is arguably the most versatile actor of his generation, and one thing that sets him apart is his involvement in films other than that of Tamizh language.

Dogged by the ridiculous chocolate boy tag, he went on to prove that he is more than a “pretty boy” by appearing in films like Aytha Ezhuttu (street gangster), Thambi (Che Guevara on Chennai streets), Anbe Sivam (comic sidekick), Ethiri (bad mother impersonator), and largely unseen Evano Oruvan (everyday man on rampage).

There is much more where that talent came from. R. Madhavan is neither superstar to be, or superactor in the waiting. He is R. Madhavan, a fine actor.

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