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R.A.J.I.N.I, The Man, The one & only SuperStar - Updates

Topic started by SoftSword on Thu Oct 16 7:00:26 2008.

A place to discuss abt the news and updates regarding SuperStar, the news catalyst, whom everyone use to sell their name and for gaining mileage...

Continued from

Nerd wrote:

Superstar Rajinikanth E- Fans Association, the best fan site for any actor in India

Rajini Fans yahoo group, one of the oldest and most active groups

Rajinikanth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rajnikanth on IMDb

Latest Bockbuster

Rajnikanth highest paid actor in India

Silver Jubilee for the Actor

History, profile, awards, songs and huge picture gallery

Cover - Rajnikant

Rajnikant - Actor

Information on the Rajni Fans Welfare Association

Superstar of Tamil Cinema

Biography, filmography and photo albums

Thanks Nerd.[/img]

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