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Topic started by Rajkumar_mj on Mon Jul 31 1:24:31 2006. [Full View]

Vettaiyadu: Now its down to 11 lakhs. Release by 18th? July 29, 2006

Kamal’s Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu, which has been jinxed from the start, has cleared most hurdles and finally ready to hit the screens. Even its dubbing is over and the first copy is ready. So what is stopping the release of this long awaited film?.

The scuffle between Oscar Ravichandran and the earlier producer Kaja Moideen has taken a turn for the worse. Since it involves several lakhs of rupees, it is no small matter and all eyes are on these two. Apparently, Oscar Ravichandran is demanding 11 lakhs from Kaja Moideen. According to the former, Kaja owes him that money. Kaja Moideen, as expected, has refused to pay up”.

Seventh Channel Narayanan, the film’s producer, does not want to enter this scuffle.

He has invested several crores in the movie and does not want to risk it by taking sides and entering into this ugly dispute. Narayanan said “I will release if it proceeds without any financial adjustment. Otherwise am not going to”

So, it is now upto Kaja Moideen. If he relents and pays the money, Kamal fans will finally watch the movie that has been under production for so long. If things go well, it is expected to be released on the 11th or the 18th of this month.

Kamal fans are watching the developments closely. With bated breath.

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