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Topic started by Rajkumar_mj on Fri Feb 3 8:17:27 2006. [Full View]

Endless issues:Will Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu release?

Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu has always been surrounded with controversies. The film bound for an April release is facing yet another hassle.

Kaja Moideen’s suicide and the subsequent takeover of the movie by Seventh channel Narayanan becoming stale news the new face of trouble is Oscar Ravichandran. Kaja Moideen earlier had sold the movie rights for the North and South Chengelpet areas for 2.70 crores to Ravichandran (who had paid an advance of 1.70 crores). Later Kaja approached Ravichandran with the proposal, to take up the movie on a first copy basis including the stars’ and director’s salary. Ravichandran accepted the proposal.

But with certain other financial issues surfacing, the Anniyan fame producer Ravichandran gave up the project saying that Kaja had never informed about these issues before finalizing the deal.

The project then came into the hands of Seventh Channel. Meanwhile, Oscar complained that Kaja has returned only 1.20 crores of the advance and balance 50 lakhs has not been paid yet. He had moved the producers’ council for his balance. Kaja seem to vehemently oppose, saying that Ravichandran himself had admitted that the repaid amount was enough and there was nothing else in balance.

Adding to the melee Ravichandran has also complained that Kaja had petrified him saying that if he demands the balance amount he would attempt suicide reasoning out his name. With these hullabaloos Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu has lost its steam.

Did these matters have an effect on the hospitalization of Gautham. As for our experienced artiste Kamalhasan who has been keeping mum with media and others about the movie ever since its inception has started showing some dissatisfaction. The actor sharply commented that there is a lack of guidelines which looks into the basic qualifications for one becoming a producer. He also added that the council should organise a set of rules to combat the mounting problems. So when will the much awaited Kamal-Gautham combo hit the screens. Will petty politics take a toll on the movie? Time will be the best judge.

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