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Topic started by RajaRam on Thu Feb 2 10:01:40 2006. [Full View]


He chickened out as usual. When has he ever questioned anybody's "araajagam" ever????

Only super star could!

Rajini fans,

Do you know the main reason to rajini to protest against jaya in 1995.

Both Rajini and jeya Were residing in same area(boes garden).When ever Rajini crossed jeya home he was stopped by Security people(that is natural).but Rajini took it as prestige issue.

So Rajini gave voice against Jeya.

In late 90's Rajini arranged Iswarya's dance function(Kamal also participated). that time no body allowed near that auditorium. POlice took lathi charge.

Kumudam criticized that and asked 'You too Rajini'!!!

The same Rajin visited Jeya's home during his daughter's marriage.

Rajinikku pidikkalena avanga kettavanga.
pidichu irundha nallavanga...

This is Rajini's policy. But kamal is not like that.
He has given statement very boldly.Thumbs Up!

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