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The Greatest Philosopher of All time - Dr. Goundamani Ph.D

Topic started by littlemaster1982 on Mon Oct 27 10:42:01 2008.

Part I

Part II

Prabhu Ram wrote:
KaundamaNi is the best. Nobody has made me laugh so heartily so so so many times as Koundamani. No not even Nagesh or Vivek. A smile is diffferent, an enjoyable laugh is different but uncontrollable laughter: I have experienced it only with Kaudamani.

He can generate a laugh out of absolutely nothing. He does not need a punchline and often manages his keen sense of timing and terrific delivery. I can quote scores of instances where there is absolutely nothing in the lines , and yet I burst into laughter.

I don't think one could have been a teenager in the 90s without (admittedly dangerously) getting influenced by his trademark cynicism.

Someone said Kaunder's early movies were to be ignored, I disagree. If you have the appetite to sit through the duds in Raj Digital Plus you will often run into Kaunder's gems.

There are a lot of people who do not like his "insulting" dialogues. But I simply love them. The complete lack of respect of any person or institution that is something he developed as a signature , which he displayed in nearly all his movies.

He was among the first to dare to be politically incorrect and encourage people to laugh at things which were hitherto considered taboo. He smashed all reservations.

Being genteel is one's choice but when people say things like ThangavElu was better than Kaundamani because his comedy was decent, that is balderash.

I think we can use this thread to analyze (with anecdotes, of course) certain patterns that were there in Kaundamani's humour. He is a phenomenon and really deserves such thorough appreciation.

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