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Celebrating THALAIVAR's extended cameo - KUSELAN (II)

Topic started by Nerd on Wed Jul 30 0:59:30 2008.

Continued from:

Nothing is bigger for Rajini fans than watching him on screen. He makes his fans forget all their troubles, mental stress, physical ailments for the whole duration of a movie. The Adulation/idolization for Rajinikanth in India and elsewhere is unmatchable and he is worth every bit of it - A living legend.

Let's celebrate his latest release, kusElan. For us, Rajini fans, the day we watch thalaivar is deepAvaLi + Ramzan + Christmas. Nowadays it happens only once in a year, so lets make full use of it

Also starring:

Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Screenplay/Dialogues/Direction: P. Vasu.

Release Date - August 1 2008

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