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Puzzles Version V

Topic started by Nerd on Wed Dec 20 12:31:32 2006.

This is the latest puzzle Razz

southiecook wrote:
Vanakkam ellorukkum ! Smile

5 hooligans had 100 gold coins to split among themselves. They divide it as follows:

The senior one proposes a division and everyone votes on it. Provided at least half them vote for the proposal, they split the coins that way. Otherwise, they kill the senior one and start over. The most senior (surviving) hooligan proposes his own division plan, and they vote by the same rules and either divide the loot or kill the senior one, as the case may be. The process continues until one plan is accepted.

What division would you propose, if you were the senior one? (The hooligans are all extremely logical and greedy, and all of them want to live)


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